Please check back frequently! We will be adding new EVP evidence soon!

Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVPs, are believed to be the voices of the dead that are on a frequency unable to be heard by human ears, but can be captured on a recording device. Below are some of the EVPs we have captured during various investigations.

A0000015 - OSPH - I am cold.mp3

This evp was captured in what used to be the intensive care unit at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital. March 2011

A0000015 - OSPH - We are never scared.mp3

This evp was also captured at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital. It was captured on the third floor in what used to be the Psychiatric Ward. March 2011

A0000026 my house - mama 1.mp3

This evp came from our Founder's house. The clicking noises you hear are her typing on her computer while conducting an evp session in her living room to test out a new recorder. The ghost of a small child that calls for his mama is frequently heard there, as was captured here. 

OSPH - Hey that looks fun.mp3

 This EVP is from our trip to Old South Pittsburg Hospital on 8/21/11 -8/22/11. We weren't investigating at the time this was captured. We were cleaning. Brandy was the only one in the area. You will hear a loud bang, which is her moving something to sweep under it, then what sounds like a child says "Hey that looks fun" followed by another bang.


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