We as paranormal investigators use a variety of equipment. As this field is continuously changing, so is the equipment we use. There are always new and experimental things coming out in the paranormal field. We will try and either adopt or disregard this equipment on how well it performs and the results it yields. Some equipment, however, are a permanent fixture in our tool kit.

  • Digital Voice Recorder - These devices are used to pick up EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are believed to be the voice's of the dead. Each investigator is required to purchase their own voice recorder and have it present at all investigations. To us, it is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the field.
  • Mel Meter - Measures both Electromagnetic Field and temperature and also has the ability to record the EMF spikes as well as the high and low temperatures. 
  • Electro-Magnetic Field Detector (EMF) - The Electro-Magnetic Field Detector, or EMF, is used to measure the electro-magnetic field that a spirit or entity may give off while attempting to manifest, in theory. However, it is also suseptible to man-made electro-magnetic fields and will go off if too close to an appliance or live wiring. It is important to do a base EMF field scan before each investigation to locate the areas that give off a high man-made reading so you know not to use your EMF in those areas when looking for possible paranormal activity.

  • Digital Camera – The digital camera is a useful tool in that it may capture a picture of something that you did not see at the time with the naked eye. While it is a rare occurrence, some very impressive photos have been captured over the years.

  • KII Meter - The KII meter is used to find indications of paranormal activity by looking for sudden erratic readings (spikes) of the lights on the KII meter. A man made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) creates a steady reading while the spirit world’s energy is believed to be what creates the impulse readings on the KII meter. It is believed that the spirits can communicate by manipulating the lights on a KII. For a while it was considered a cutting edge piece of equipment. However, there is a down side. The KII meter does pick up cell phone and radio frequencies which makes it much less reliable than was once believed and another reason to make sure your cell phones are always off during an investigation!
  • Compass – A compass can make an inexpensive alternative to an EMF detector. A ghostly anomaly will turn the needle at least 30-35 degrees away from magnetic North. Again, you must rule out the possibility of an electrical source. The downfall of using this device is that is has no light and you must always be aware of the direction of magnetic North. All team members should have their own compass at all investigations.

  • Thermometer – There are two different thermometers that Highland Rim Paranormal currently uses. We have two infrared thermometers which both read surface temperatures, but one of them has a probe on it for ambient, or air, temperature. These are used to measure cold spots which are believed to be linked with spirit manifestation. In theory, when a spirit tries to manifest, it sucks the energy out of the air around it, thus leaving a cold spot. It is also believed that rapid drastic increases in temperature is linked with demonic entities, but we have yet to find evidence to support that theory.

  • Video Camera with night vision and infrared attachments – We use the video camera to capture any anomalies as they occur. At times we will carry it around and at other times we will leave it stationary on a tri-pod to capture things that may happen when no one is around. Though rare, the evidence captured with this piece of equipment is well worth the wait. 
  • Motion Detector – We use motion detectors to monitor movement in areas that have reported activity when no investigators are present. If we hear it go off when no one is present, we can then send investigators in to do EVP sessions and take photos.

  • Ghost Box – The Ghost Box, also known as Frank’s Box, is a device that scans radio frequencies in an attempt to communicate with the deceased through radio waves. It uses a method of spirit communication called Instrumental Trans-Communication, or ITC. It scans 3 radio stations per second, so if we get the same voice for more than a third of a second, it could be a spirit attempting to comminicate. Though still in the experimental phase, we have had some promising results from this device. We currently have two different ones that we use, the HackShack box and the P-SB7. 

  • Flashlight - When we do an investigation it is usually very dark. This is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment we have. Without it we would end up with some serious injuries!

  • Full Spectrum Camera - The full spectrum camera gives us the ability to capture 3 different light spectrums with one piece of equipment. It combines regular, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrums which allows us to capture more than we would with just the digital camera or just the infrared night vision.
  • Geophone - The geophone is a device that detects even the slightest vibrations from whatever surface it is sitting on. We usually pair it up with the mothion sensor in areas that reportedly have high spirit traffic.
  • Yes/No Sensor device - The Yes/No Sensor device picks up on energy that gets close to it's sensors located on each side of the device, which in turn lights up one of two lights that are a green yes and a red no. 
  • Your Body - Your body is the most reliable tool any investigator has. It reacts to things that we aren't even aware of. That feeling that you're being watched....Odds are, you are! When you get goosebumps and your hair stands on end, it is reacting to an overly charged environment, possibly spiritually charged!

  • An Open Mind!! - The most important tool to have when conducting a paranormal investigation is an open mind. Never go into any location, regardless of its history or reputation, with the mindset that it is haunted. Always attempt to disprove any possible evidence you have. It is only when you have ruled out every other possible explanation that you may then be able to consider it to be paranormal in nature.

Wish List
  • DVR System
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Ovilus

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