These photos are of mists that formed out of nowhere as we were randomly snapping photos during an investigation of a local cemetery.


This photo was taken at the Old South Pittsburg Hosptial in South Pittsburg, TN. I have lightened the last one so you are better able to see the shadow figure standing in the doorway.  


This photo is from Old South Pittsburg Hospital. It was taken on March 21, 2011. When it was taken, Justin, our lead investigator, had just seen a figure at the door on the right. When he looked through his camera there was no one there. The photo was taken seconds after he said he saw someone.


The first photo is the original. The second is the lightened. In the back of the picture, in front of the door, there is a shadow figure. 

This series of pictures was taken at the same private location as the shadow figure by the door in the back. It is a black mass moving across as I was snapping the pictures. It was visible to the naked eye. 

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