Provoking: Why We Don’t Do It

Provoking: Why We Don’t Do It


Provoking during an investigation originated from religious provocation. Religious provocation is used by the clergy and Religious Demonologist to make demons show themselves in order to gather the proof needed to get the church involved, etc. It is also used by paranormal groups when they wish to make a spirit or entity show itself. There is one major difference though. If the clergy or R.D. is the target of an attempted attack they know how to successfully defend themselves and fight back. A paranormal group or investigator usually does not. And the bottom line is you are not prepared, even if you think you are.

A paranormal group will use provoking when it appears that whatever is in the home isn't going to show itself on its own. The word provoking is used because the paranormal team will try to get the spirit/entity to show itself by making fun of it, demand that it show itself, challenge it, and even curse at it.

For a paranormal team to provoke whatever is in the home is not only foolish but it is also extremely dangerous. This is for the simple fact that they may not be sure what they're dealing with. Many investigators have learned this the hard way because when they attempted it they were not only attacked physically but also emotionally and mentally. This is because that most people, whether they are seasoned investigators or not can be traumatized by this. How do you think it would make you feel if you were attacked by something that you couldn't see let alone defend yourself against. It can really do some serious damage. It is for those reasons that no one should ever provoke or challenge something that may be in a home.

Also, it is cruel. Let’s say you are a spirit that is trapped here in a house that you used to live in. You don’t mean anyone any harm and you don’t really bother anyone, but the new owners have occasionally noticed things moved or have seen you out of the corner of their eye. They call in paranormal investigators. You don’t want to mess with them you just want to be left alone. So they start calling you names and making fun of you. How would that make you feel? Let’s say you are dealing with the spirit of a child and you don’t know it. Always just think that if the tables were turned…would you want it done to you?


Bottom line: It’s dangerous and disrespectful. Don’t do it. We as a TEAM don’t do it.



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